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It was watched by more than 52 million Americans, over half of the US viewing audience.At the conclusion of the episode, Monday Night Football host Howard Cosell joked on the air that he had not been invited to the wedding, and welcomed viewers back to the game.64th Street (actual exterior shots are of 332 East 84th Street, between 1st and 2nd Avenues on the southeast end of the block.) Brenda, a bank teller, is an insecure person with low self-esteem with dating problems, similar to how Rhoda herself had experienced difficulty in dating in Minneapolis in the early years of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.The first episode of Season 1, entitled "Joe", aired on CBS on Monday, September 9, 1974 at PM.Eight weeks into the series on Monday, October 28, 1974, Rhoda and Joe were married in a special hour-long episode which broke several television records.Heavily publicized, it became the highest-rated television episode of the 1970s, a record it held until the miniseries Roots claimed that title in 1977.Rhoda attempts to convince Joe that they are very compatible and would be a happily married couple.After some hesitation, Joe agrees and a wedding is planned.

During Rhoda's Wedding it is revealed that on a lark Lou and Murray decided to fly to New York with Mary to surprise Rhoda; her frequent nemesis, Phyllis, who intentionally not been invited, nonetheless flew in for the wedding, and Mary and Rhoda's friend, Georgette, who drove from Minneapolis.

The series opens with the pilot episode featuring Rhoda Morgenstern traveling from her home in Minneapolis to New York City, where she was born and raised, for a two-week vacation, staying with her younger sister, Brenda (Julie Kavner).

While there, she meets Joe Gerard (David Groh), a handsome divorcé who owns a wrecking company and has a ten-year-old son, Donny, whom Brenda babysits.

For the remainder of the first and second seasons, the show focuses on Rhoda and Joe's new married life.

The two move into a penthouse suite in the same building as Brenda.

Following Brenda's prompting, Rhoda and Joe meet and develop an instant attraction to each other which leads to their dating nightly for the duration of her vacation.