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10-Nov-2017 21:28

A Catholic man and a Catholic woman have both never been married, either civilly or sacramentally. The woman conceals from the man and from everyone else that she wants no children. I read about this “except for marital unfaithfulness” recently but I can’t remember where.Therefore, the marriage is sacramentally INVALID (non-existent)–though no one else knows it. The choice of words translates these days as somewhat ambiguous, and bill912 had it.For example one always has the right, but not the obligation, to protect themselves from physical harm.So if a spouse is being beat their right to physical protection is greater than the obligation to remain wed.

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Let’s say a Catholic couple has a valid sacramental marriage.The disciples understand that Christ is teaching that the marriage bond, as God intended, is to be permanent. Paul in 1 Cor -11 gives the same understanding that seperated spouses only have two options, to reconcile with each other or remain single. IN the Church a marriage is either sacramental or not sacramental. civil law accepts a Catholic sacramental marriage as a civil marriage.

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