Advantages consolidating schools

12-Jul-2017 15:52

This decision was made after a series of community briefings, public hearings, more than 2,500 survey responses, and additional public input.

This process of expanding opportunities for students began in June 2008.

In terms of racial demographics, African-Americans make up the majority of the system's students at 67.4%, followed by 22.6% Hispanic, 4.6% Caucasian, 2.9% Asian, and the remaining 2.4% comprising various other races.

In June 2009, the PGCPS became one of the first school systems in America to name one of their schools after current President Barack Obama.

All routes consist of three digit numbers, such as 001, 219 or 615 and a letter-digit route, such as B12 or D14.

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The school district’s next step will be to solicit public input on what new or expanded programs communities would like to see in their schools.Each route is determined through a trapeze system, in which information regarding students is entered into a computer system and the outcome is their route number.All high schools in Prince George's County operate with a "comprehensive" model as their base, with the exception of the new Academy of Health Sciences at Prince George's Community College, which is a middle college program.Maxwell is a product of Prince George's County Public Schools, having graduated from Bladensburg High School.

before leaving PGCPS in 2000 to become principal at Walter Johnson High School in Montgomery County.

A new grade level will be added each year until a full, four-year, grades 9-12 high school is operational. Notes & comments: Bowie High School has two physical campuses.